XNX Transmitter Wiring Diagram


EC Sensor and XNX Transmitter Calibration

Before you install a EC personality sensor, you must read the EC personality wiring diagram. Then you can install the Optima sensor or XNX transmitter. To calibrate your transmitter, read Section 8.1. The following steps will guide you through these tasks:

Optima sensor installation procedure

Optima sensors are used in a variety of industrial applications and are recommended for use in oxygen-enriched atmospheres. Before installing the sensor, remove the stabilizer. The sensor pins should align with the connector. After removing the stabilizer, loosen the sensor retainer with a hex key supplied with the sensor. Next, install the sensor cover and weatherproof ring. The sensor countdown time is typically 180 seconds, depending on the model.

Next, follow the XNX Universal Transmitter Quick Start Guide. You will need to install the Optima sensor according to the instructions in the wiring diagram. This guide will also cover how to connect your transmitter to your sensor. XNX has provided instructions for connecting the transmitter to a variety of devices. Here are the steps you need to take:

XNX sensor installation procedurexnx

An XNX sensor is a modular gas detection transmitter. It accepts input from various gas sensor technology analytics and provides a variety of industry-standard output signals. The XNX transmitter has three basic personalities, which define its behavior depending on the type of sensor connected. EC sensor measures, for example, employ a patented Reflex cell fault diagnosis routine to ensure that the cell is functioning correctly. Other features of an XNX sensor include an electronic POD and a character board.

Once you have installed the sensor, you will need to calibrate it. To do so, you must first clean the sensor using an industrial grade methanol. You should use appropriate safety precautions when handling methanol. After cleaning, install the new sensor cell, labeled with the type of gas it detects. Then, reconnect the two parts. You should also read the XNX control drawing 1226E0402 to understand how the IS functions.

XNX transmitter calibration procedure

The XNX transmitter calibration procedure starts by pressing Enter. Next, select the desired sensor, select the conversion factor, and set the range. When the procedure is complete, the transmitter displays a message saying Menu Set Span. XNX transmitters are capable of performing two calibration procedures, the Span Calibration and the Span Adjustment. After calibrating the transmitter, the user can set the Span value to match the range and confirm its accuracy.

During this process, the transmitter receives two signals – the output current and the input voltage. The transmitter detects which signals are false, and reports them accordingly. In addition, the XNX transmitter uses 30 diagnostics, one on each main board and another on the personality board, and each is conducted at different intervals. The longest interval is 24 hours, while faults are reported in three seconds. The XNX Technical Manual provides further details on the diagnostic process. The proof tests are used to detect faulty system components, and to restore it to an “as-new” condition.


XNX Gas Detector

If you’re in the market for a new gas detector, the Honeywell XNX may be the one for you. This transmitter offers an industry-standard interface that works with multiple detection technologies. Its sensor connection is secure and it can work with third-party control systems. If you’re looking for a high-quality detector that won’t break the bank, the XNX may be just what you’re looking for.

XNX’s common platform and application-specific design offer multiple advantages. XNX offers a common interface to various detection technologies, including HART and EDDL software. XNX offers a variety of communication options, including HART communication, optional EDDL, Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and relays. These features enable the use of XNX in a variety of different environments and applications.


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