XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel – 2022


XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel

XNX honeywell searchline excel is a great tool to help you monitor your building’s energy consumption. It’s a great way to make sure you’re using the right amount of energy to keep your home comfortable. It has an easy to use interface with a graphical user interface that makes it easy to configure the system and make sure it’s working as it should. You can also use the spreadsheet to monitor your system’s performance over time.

XNX IR Personality

The XNX Universal Transmitter is a single-channel infrared gas detector, available in a variety of personality options. Each personality is suitable for a different sensor type, allowing it to be used with different applications and products. The transmitter features a Personality circuit board, which determines the transmitter behavior based on the type of sensor connected to its interface.

When using XNX sensors, the user must make sure that the transmitter is calibrated to ensure proper function. The transmitter will generate a warning when the calibration interval is reached. Users can set the interval by using the switches on the transmitter. They can also set the service jumper, which will allow power to continue while the transmitter is being serviced.


The Searchline Excel sensor can send an EC (Electrical Current) signal to a transmitter when it senses a signal. This signal can be used to diagnose faults, such as faulty wiring or the EC cartridge. Before using the sensor, it is recommended to calibrate the device. The manual contains detailed alignment instructions.

The XNX transmitter supports eight different languages. Each language will display a different screen. You will be able to select the date by selecting the month, day, and year. You can also select the time of day. The date is displayed in both local and global formats.

The XNX transmitter is compatible with Honeywell’s current line of industrial fixed gas sensors, including the Searchline Excel, Searchpoint Optima Plus, Sensepoint HT, and Model 705 transmitters. This intrinsically-safe transmitter makes hot-swapping sensors possible without the need for a hot work permit.

XNX EC Software

The XNX EC Software for HoneyWell Searchline Excel is a powerful software application that allows users to calibrate and monitor their EC sensors. The EC sensors detect and report toxic gases at very low concentrations. The XNX EC Software features a patented ReflexTM cell fault diagnosis routine, which checks whether the cell is open, dry, or short circuited. This diagnostic process occurs at eight-hour intervals and is automatically started when the instrument is powered on. It also features IR sensors, which optically absorb gases in the infrared spectrum.

XNX EC Software for HoneyWell Searchline Excel has advanced communication modules that offer added functionality, flexibility, and efficiency. It supports several communication protocols, including HART and EDDL. Other options include Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, and relays.

XNX EC Hardware

The XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel hardware is a versatile, open-path gas detector that offers superior immunity from sunlight and other sources of radiation. It also features a patented double band pass filter that compensates for all types of fog and rain to ensure reliable operation in all types of climatic conditions.

The XNX hardware is compatible with Honeywell Analytics’ current line of industrial fixed gas sensors, including the Searchline Excel, Searchpoint Optima Plus, Sensepoint (HT and PPM), and Model 705 gas sensors. Its universal platform allows for easy and quick integration. It also offers a wide variety of outputs and inputs that are compatible with industry standard PLCs and gas monitoring controllers.

XNX EC Accessories

Searchline Excel and Optima Plus are two products from Honeywell Analytics. They are both capable of reporting fault codes. The Searchline Excel is resistant to sunlight and other sources of radiation, and utilizes a solid state detector with wide dynamic range. Moreover, it uses a high-speed digital signal processing receiver to validate signals.

These two accessories are compatible with each other and are XNX-EC compatible. However, there are some limitations when using the accessories. First, they need to be properly grounded. Ideally, the XNX transmitter and the Excel should be grounded separately. A ground loop must be avoided where the sensors are connected.

In addition, the XNX transmitter supports infrared, catalytic bead, and electrochemical gas monitors. Additionally, it can connect to up to three relays. Honeywell’s XNX transmitters are intrinsically safe, which means that they meet explosion-proof and Class 1/II safety requirements.


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