XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel 2023


XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel

Honeywell Analytics launched the Searchline Excel in 1987, pioneering the field of flammable infrared gas detectors. During this time, the company worked with major international oil companies and developed the technology that makes this device stand out from the rest. Since then, it has become the industry standard for open gas detection. This product is praised for its detection of flammable points, its wide coverage, and its ability to support various detection technologies.

XNX is a low-maintenance platform

The Honeywell Searchline Excel is one of the most popular infrared open path gas detectors on the market today with over 25,000 units installed. It is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It is equipped with the XNX ™ Universal Transmitter, which enables it to communicate with other devices. The transmitters are equipped with a local display for easy installation and configuration, and also support Modbus and HART(r) communications.

The Searchline Excel Edge is available in both painted stainless steel. It has two cable entries for easy wiring and a Bluetooth (r) interface. It is ATEX and CSA certified and can be used in hazardous areas. Both transmitter and receiver units have a cULus approval.

It supports a variety of detection technologies

The Searchline Excel is the world’s best-selling open-path infrared gas detector. Its unique optical design helps it perform reliably in harsh conditions. Its patented double band pass filter fully compensates for fog and rain. It also supports a wide range of detection technologies.

The Honeywell XNX transmitter is compatible with most of Honeywell’s industrial fixed-gas sensors. It also works with third-party gas monitoring controllers. It supports several detection technologies, including infrared, catalytic bead, and electrochemical. It can also communicate via Modbus, HART, and relays.

The XNX universal transmitter is very flexible and supports multiple gas detection technologies. It can be easily configured for different applications, allowing you to match the right detector for your site. It also supports various industry standards and supports easy installation.gas

It is immune to interference from sunlight

The Searchline Excel has a unique design that makes it immune to interference from sunlight and other sources of radiation. It is also completely immune to bright reflections and vibrations. These factors increase the range and reliability of the Searchline Excel.

The Searchline Excel is an open path gas detector that monitors hydrocarbon releases by following a cloud of gas passing through an invisible infrared beam. It can detect hydrocarbon gases at distances of up to 200 metres. This detector has been designed and developed by Zellweger Analtyics, a technology company, with participation from major petrochemical and oil companies.

It is low-maintenance

The XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel is low-maintenance, compact, and reliable. It employs a patented double band pass filter, which compensates for fog, rain, and other weather conditions. The device also resists ultraviolet radiation and arc welding. XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel is approved for Zone 1 and Zone 21 hazardous areas. It is also ATEX-certified, and is cULus-certified. Its design features two cable entries for easy wiring. It also features M25 and 3/4-inch NPT connections.

The XNX Honeywell Searchline Excel has been installed in more than 25,000 locations worldwide. This instrument can also be used with XNX(tm) Universal Transmitters, which are simple to use and require low maintenance. These detectors are available in kit configuration, which includes a standard XNX transmitter.

It is flexible

The Searchline Excel is a flexible, programmable, open-path flammable gas detector that is ideal for larger areas. Its patented optical design addresses all of the challenges associated with open-path gas detection. Its patented double-band pass filter compensates for various climatic conditions, including fog and rain. This ensures a reliable operation in any setting and environment.

Honeywell’s XNX transmitter supports a wide range of sensor technologies and provides a single, industry-standard interface. The system is easy to use and low-maintenance, making it a flexible option for your gas detection needs. The transmitter supports industry-standard PLCs, honeywell gas detectors, and infrared sensors. It also supports standard 4-20 mA wiring.


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