Honeywell Searchline Excel XNX Universal


Honeywell Searchline Excel and XNX Universal Transmitters

The Honeywell Searchline Excel is a proven infrared open-path gas detector with over 25,000 installations worldwide. Its high-performance IR sensor and XNX(tm) Universal Transmitters provide an easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution. XNX transmitters are available with standard configuration or in a kit.

XNX is compatible with Honeywell’s current range of industrial fixed gas sensors

XNX is a universal transmitter that is suitable for a variety of applications. Its features include global approvals including ATEX, UL, and CSA standards. Its design allows for easy installation and flexible use. It is suitable for many industries including offshore oil and gas exploration, gas transmission, power stations, and refineries. It also features calibration and a quick start guide.

XNX is compatible with Honeywell gas sensors and transmitters, including the XGX and XTX gas detectors. Its flexible and modular design allows users to choose from multiple gas sensor inputs and outputs. It is designed for simple, trouble-free installation and maintenance, and works with industry standard PLCs and gas monitoring controllers. It also features HART EDDL software, which gives users an at-a-glance indication of gas detector health.

It offers a common interface to a variety of detection technologies

XNX, a new universal gas transmitter from Honeywell Analytics, is a powerful, flexible solution for all your gas detection needs. Its advanced design integrates with a variety of gas sensor technologies from Honeywell, including infrared and electrochemical sensors. This solution is compatible with major industrial communication protocols and is designed to protect people, property, and the environment.

XNX is compatible with Honeywell Analytics’ range of industrial fixed gas sensors, including the Searchline Excel and the Searchpoint Optima Plus. Its Bluetooth(r) connectivity makes installation easier and more efficient. One-person alignment is easy and robust with the two-piece design. It also features a high-visibility LED HALO ring, which indicates instrument status behind the lens of the IR Receiver.

It satisfies Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe, explosion-proof requirements

The XNX searchline excel is an intrinsically safe, explosion-proof sensor that meets Class 1/Class 2 requirements. It is equipped with a patented double band pass filter, which fully compensates for rain and fog. This ensures reliable operation under all climatic conditions.

The XNX is compatible with all Honeywell gas sensing technologies. It features a 2 wire loop-powered, 4-20 mA gas transmitter with an integrated gas concentration display. It also offers comprehensive monitoring of toxic gas and oxygen gas hazards and potentially explosive atmospheres. It utilizes industry standard 4-20mA wiring and is compatible with Honeywell Analytics and Honeywell PLCs. The XNX is a powerful, low-maintenance universal platform, which can be used with industry-standard gas detectors and controllers. XNX supports a wide variety of sensors including infrared and electrochemical gas monitors. Its high-quality, low-maintenance design makes it easy to use and maintain. XNX also offers modular connectivity

It has a patented double band pass filter

The Searchline Excel gas detector is the first open path gas detector with a patented double band pass filter. This filter uses a coaxial optical design that eliminates differential attenuation, a common cause of false alarms in other open path gas detectors. The patented double band pass filter also fully addresses performance issues in fog or partial obscuration.

The Searchline Excel employs a patented double band pass filter that enables it to operate in a variety of climatic conditions. It continuously monitors up to five gases and is extremely compact. The detector features an audible, visual, and vibrational alarm to warn users of gas detection. The Searchline Excel is backed by Honeywell Analytics, a company that has over 40 years of experience in point infrared gas detection. Honeywell Analytics has installed over 100,000 infrared point hydrocarbon gas detectors.

It is immune to interference from sunlight

The XNX XHONEYWELL Searchline Excel is a high-performance IR light source that is immune to interference from sunlight and water vapour. This feature enhances its wide dynamic range and linear response to incident light. It also features temperature compensation and exceptional baseline stability. The Searchline Excel also offers a 100% solar immunity guarantee. This feature enables its extended operational range, even in thick fog. It also rejects interference from bright reflections and vibrations.

The Searchline Excel is able to detect flammable gases from a distance of five to two hundred metres. Its patented optical design has overcome all the challenges of open path gas detection, without relying on software masks that may compromise its ability to detect gas. It also uses a patented double band pass filter that compensates for various types of fog and rain.


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