Honeywell Calibration Gas Cylinder 2022


Honeywell Calibration Gas Cylinder

You can become a factory trained calibration technician by completing a Honeywell calibration course. The course teaches the proper techniques for calibrating gas detectors. It includes an introduction to the fixed gas detector, as well as dos and don’ts that will help you ensure the safety of your work. You’ll also get hands-on experience as you conduct live supervised calibrations. Successful attendees will receive a factory trained calibration certificate. Simply select which product you’d like to be certified for and choose a class date.

CG-Q34-4 calibration gas

A calibration gas cylinder is used for ensuring that gas detection units are working properly. This calibration gas is available for purchase separately and includes a certificate of analysis and shipping charges. These charges may include HAZMAT fees. Unlike OEM calibration gas cylinders, the gas mixture used by BW Honeywell is certified according to ISO 17025:2016 and ISO 17034:2017 standards.

The CG-Q34-4 calibration gas is recommended for use with Honeywell multi-gas detectors, including the Max XT II, Quattro, Microclip XL, and X3. The calibration gas is composed of Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Oxygen (18%), and Nitrogen Balance.

CG-Q34-4 calibration gas cylinders

Calibration gas cylinders from Honeywell are used in BW multi-gas detectors such as the Max XT II, Quattro, Microclip XL and X3. The cylinders contain hydrogen sulfide, oxygen (18%), and nitrogen balance. This mixture can help ensure accurate calibration of Honeywell multi-gas detectors.

A CG-Q34-4 calibration gas cylinder is a 34-liter cylinder used to calibrate several sensors at a time. It requires a REG-0.5 Calibration Gas Regulator, which is sold separately. Calibration gas cylinders are hazardous materials, so shipping them may require a HAZMAT surcharge.

CG-Q34-4 calibration gas regulator

The Honeywell CG-Q34-4 calibration cylinder is designed to calibrate multiple gas detectors at once. This cylinder contains hydrogen sulfide and other gases to ensure that the detector is working properly. The cylinder is compatible with the Max XT II, Quattro, Microclip XL, and X3 multi-gas detectors. Its contents are Oxygen (18%), Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, and Nitrogen Balance.

The Honeywell CG-Q34-4 is used for calibration of gas detectors, and it comes with a special adaptor. The regulator will automatically measure the calibration gas mixture, including the concentration of CO and H2S. The calibration gas mixture should be specific to the gas detector. The unit has a special hazmat/handling fee of $85 which is added to the total order price.


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