Honeywell 301EM Manual 2022


Honeywell 301EM Manual

The 301-EM controller is the heart of a gas detection network, providing continuous monitoring for up to 20 sensors connected. It is factory programmed to meet CSA B52 and ASHRAE 15 codes and comes with 4 preset relays and a manual override connection.


Honeywell 301EM manual features can help you configure this thermostat to meet your needs. This device can manage up to 96 wired or wireless transmitters and 126 zones. Its unique zoning feature helps you to minimize operational costs by averaging multiple sensor readings. This can reduce energy use and wear on your HVAC system’s components.

The 301EM mechanical room controller is configured to meet ASHRAE 15, B-52, and International Mechanical Code requirements. Its full complement of sensors, horns, and strobes help you to meet the specifications for these codes. It also supports Modbus communication. This device is compatible with Honeywell Analytics 301C controllers.


The Honeywell 301EM Gas Detection Expansion Module is a gas detection system that allows users to monitor a range of toxic, combustible, and refrigerant gases. Its sensors are easily configurable and can detect a wide variety of gases. It supports Modbus communication and is compatible with the Honeywell 301C controller.

The 301EMRP is used in remote-control applications. This device can manage three Modbus channels and up to 96 transmitters. It can monitor and control up to 126 zones. It also has two breakglass switch accessories for manual alarm activation. It is designed to meet ASHRAE security standards.


The Honeywell 301EM Gas Detection Expansion Module is an advanced gas detection system that allows you to monitor a variety of combustible, toxic, and refrigerant gases. It features up to four sensors, which are placed up to 200 feet away, and an alarm relay for easy monitoring. This system is compatible with Honeywell’s 301C controller.

The 301EM is available in a variety of configurations. It can be configured to offer automatic fan activation, a horn, or manual fan control. It also includes a silence key, two breakglass switches, and a 24-Vdc output. Its optional 301IRF sensors are also compatible with the 301EM.

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The Honeywell 301EM Expansion Module is designed as the central hub of a gas detection network. It offers continuous monitoring for up to 20 connected sensors. It features factory-programmed compliance with ASHRAE 15 and CSA B52 codes, four predicated relays, and manual override connections.

The Honeywell 301EM meets all of the ASHRAE 15 and B52 requirements for mechanical room comfort. This device can be used in a wide variety of applications, including commercial and residential buildings. It is also compliant with the requirements for the Building Code of Canada. It also supports B52 requirements for energy efficiency.


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