XNX Honeywell Gas Detector Datasheet


Honeywell Gas Detector Datasheet

XNX is an easy-to-use, universal platform that fulfills all Class 1/Class 2 intrinsic safety and explosion-proof requirements. The XNX transmitter is capable of storing over 60 different types of data, and provides both a text and graph display. This provides greater efficiency and flexibility to a gas detection network. Learn more about the XNX gas detector and its features in this datasheet.

XNX is a simple-to-use, low-maintenance universal platform

The XNX is a low-maintenance universal platform that eliminates the need for extra equipment accessories. Its integrated HART system can communicate with third-party DCS, enabling you to review diagnostic data and check real-time device status. This platform is compatible with multiple communication protocols, including Modbus and Foundation Fieldbus.

  1. The XNX is available in stainless steel, aluminum, and marine-grade coating,
  2. and it supports multiple sensor technologies,
  3. including infrared, catalytic, and inertial sensors.
  4. It features a common transmitter interface that supports multiple sensor technologies and can be reconfigured to meet industry standards.
  5. The XNX platform is also future-proof, as it is scalable for expanding the system’s output capabilities.honeywell

The XNX platform has a low-maintenance, low-cost design and can detect virtually all gases in the oil and gas industries. It can also be used in conjunction with other gas transmitters. Honeywell is a $38 billion global technology and manufacturing leader that serves customers worldwide. Its gas detector is an ideal solution for your gas detection needs.

It satisfies Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe, explosion-proof requirements

In addition to meeting Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe, fire and explosion-proof requirements, the XNX platform is easy to use and low-maintenance. It works with Honeywell Analytics gas detectors and industry-standard PLCs or third-party gas monitoring controllers. The system supports electrochemical, infrared, and catalytic bead gas monitors. It uses standard 4-20mA and HART wiring, and can handle up to three relays. It has a wide range of communication options, including wireless data transfer. The XNX platform supports up to three relays and meets the Class 1/Class 2 explosion-proof requirements.

The XNX universal transmitter platform supports a wide range of sensors and can be customized to meet your specific application needs. It is easy to install and offers a modular choice of input and output technologies. XNX also provides a common transmitter interface and can be reconfigured to meet new site output standards. Further, XNX is future-proof thanks to the modularity of its design.

It offers increased efficiency, functionality and flexibility to a gas detection network

The XNX platform from Honeywell Analytics enables you to use the same transmitter for different types of sensors, thereby simplifying installation and reducing costs. Its modular design offers a choice of input and output devices that work with industry standard PLCs and other safety equipment. It is easy to install, easy to configure and supports the widest range of sensors. The XNX transmitter is intrinsically safe, enabling hot sensor swapping without hot work permits.honeywell

The XNX system offers enhanced efficiency, functionality, and flexibility to a gas detection network. Its unique modular design allows it to work with various technologies, including point flammable detectors. These sensors provide accurate data and reduce energy costs for your business, while boosting operational efficiencies. In addition, the XNX gas detector offers flexible, future-proof features and a common transmitter interface.

With a choice of measuring ranges of up to 100 percent LEL, the XNX can be installed in existing ASD pipe networks. Moreover, it does not require extensive electrical cabling, enabling you to place it outside the detection zone. It can also be configured to remove contaminants from air samples, allowing it to function effectively in hazardous environments.

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