Honeywell Data Sheet – XNX Universal Gas Transmitter


Honeywell Data Sheet – XNX Universal Gas Transmitter

The XNX platform supports the largest variety of gas and chemical sensors on a single platform. This low-maintenance, easy-to-use universal platform works with Honeywell Analytics gas detectors and industry standard PLCs. XNX supports electrochemical, infrared, and catalytic Bead gas monitors, as well as standard 4-20 mA wiring. For gas detection networks, the XNX platform increases efficiency, functionality, and flexibility.
XNX offers a simple-to-use, low-maintenance universal platform

The XNX system is a simple-to-use, low maintenance platform that works with a variety of sensors, including gas monitors, safety equipment, and other systems. It supports a variety of gas detection technologies including electrochemical, infrared, and catalytic bead gas monitors. It can be configured to support up to three types of detectors, such as a thermal infrared sensor, and it integrates seamlessly with an existing digital communications network.
XNX features a common transmitter interface that supports a range of sensor technologies, including infrared and catalytic sensors. This platform is easy to install, reduces training time, and works with other gas transmitters to give users the most comprehensive solution possible. Honeywell is a $38 billion global manufacturing and technology company, serving customers in nearly every industry.

It satisfies Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe, explosion-proof requirements

The XNX Universal Gas Transmitter supports electrochemical cell and millivolt gas detection. The transmitter is compatible with a wide range of Honeywell Analytics gas detectors and industry-standard PLCs for integration. Additionally, the transmitter supports third-party gas monitoring controllers. XNX Universal Transmitters are easy to install and maintain.
XNX satisfies the demands of these hazardous locations. Hazardous locations are areas where flammable gasses or vapors, dust, fibers, or a combination of these may occur. The safety and performance of any piece of equipment operating in such a location must be guaranteed. Explosion-proof and Class 1/Class 2 intrinsically safe safety requirements must be met by the product.

It provides a common interface to a variety of detection technologies

The common sense project develops a novel sensor network that incorporates chemometric data processing algorithms. It also develops novel materials, including polymeric sensors and nanocrystalline materials, wireless communications networks, and novel readout mechanisms. The project will demonstrate the use of the common sense network in the identification of a range of detection technologies. The goals of the CommonSense project include minimizing false positive/negative readings and providing a common interface to a diverse range of detection technologies.

It increases efficiency, functionality and flexibility in a gas detection networkxnx

XNX is an extremely flexible universal gas transmitter that supports all of Honeywell’s existing range of gas sensor technologies. It enables easy installation and reduced costs while offering the same industry-standard output signals. XNX also features an easy-to-use backlit LCD display with icons and supports multiple languages, including English, French, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.
Honeywell’s Touchpoint Plus wall-mounted control system offers up to eight channels of gas detection. The touchscreen interface makes it easy for operators to configure the system, maximizing their time to make critical decisions. The system is also multilingual and intuitive, simplifying operations and reducing training costs. Honeywell offers ATEX-certified flammable and oxygen detectors for hazardous areas.
The xnx Honeywell data sheet allows users to choose from a variety of configurations and gas measuring ranges. They can also choose between a PPM or LEL-range detector. The Honeywell SmartCardard allows users to configure their sensors without disrupting the existing gas detection network. The data sheet explains the options and benefits of each detector.


Honeywell offers an explosion-proof XNX transmitter with intrinsic safety rating of Class 1/Class 2. It is available in stainless steel, aluminum, marine-grade coating, five threaded ports, and ruggedized mounting options. The transmitter can be attached locally or remotely to instrumentation using appropriate accessories. Honeywell’s chlorine gas sensors can help reduce the risk of personnel injury by providing early warning of fire.


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